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JHWH in hebräischen Buchstaben

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Albert Einstein"The Fourth Watch" is a website under construction. We would like to provide interesting and valuable components to support and intensify the deep belief in our Almighty Creator YHWH (Yahweh, Jehovah) and his Firstborn Son and our King Yahshua (Jesus).

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"Apostate" brother gives public talk in Kingdom Hall 01.06.2017
Update: Share earnings for the Watchtower 2015 25.07.2016
Today´s Misfortune may be a blessing... 27.12.2015

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"Apostate" brother gives brilliant Biblical talk in a Kingdom Hall, gets removed

YouTube Video

Brooklyn, April 23, 2017. On a Sunday morning the invited speaker enters the stage of the Kingdom hall of Jehovah´s Witnesses and gives a crystal clear biblical talk. Nothing unusual? After 15 minutes his mic

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Today´s Misfortune ...
May Be a Blessing in Disguise

oude manOnce upon a time there was a poor old man whose only possession was a beautiful white horse. For years, the people from his village had told him to sell his horse because it would bring him a heap of money.
But the old man refused ... more

An enchanting parable with depth and wisdom about dealing with the vicissitudes of life!