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YHWH in Hebrew letters

Watchtower Corrects Questionable Share Gains, Apologizes Publicly!
A Dream


Dream of meeting G.B.

I dreamt of a serious talk between three people:

And it went like this ...

A Serious Talk

GB: "Dear trust manager, you do a great job investing in the most lucrative and expanding stocks.
Unfortunately, we cannot and WILL not, under no circumstances, accept any amounts of money generated in the branches Armaments, Biogenetics and Entertainment. Not even one single dollar, not even one cent ... because we want to follow our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly father Jehovah and abstain from war, murder and immorality. How could we ever use these earnings to praise the God of righteousness, peace and justice?"

Trust manager: "But they are the ones with the best performance!"

GB: "Of course they are ... in a world guided by the spirit of God's enemy. But due to our Christian integrity, we are willing to take the consequence of a less higher performance and a reduced income, rather than corrupt our religious beliefs. Please respect this."

Trust manager: "I'm not sure if I can meet your request. I'm hired to bring the best results, that's my qualification. My boss won't be pleased if I chose second best. I could be fired."

WT president: "We understand your concern. But certainly, the opposite will be the case. Look: Your job as an HMR Trust Manager is to generate supporting capital for the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, isn't it?"

Trust manager: "If you put it like this – yes."

GB: "If you would continue to make placements into these ... questionable stocks, there would be NO SUPPORTING CAPITAL for the Watch Tower Society because we are not able to accept it and use it for our Christian purposes."

Trust manager: "Okay, I think I've got the point. But nevertheless ..."

WT president: "We ask you to be aware of one fact: As soon as we find out that you are not respecting our restraining condition, we will not hesitate to mention to your supervisor that regrettably you are not fulfilling the purpose of your job. Did we make our point of view clear enough?"

Trust manager: "Yes Sir!"

This talk lasted about 12 minutes. The blessings were immense.

Then I had another dream.

Governing Body ask forgiveness

Watching JW Broadcasting, I saw all seven members of the Governing Body together on the screen. They were

··· apologizing for taking "dirty" money,
··· apologizing for not correcting this for many many years,
··· apologizing for not listening to their sincere brethren,
··· apologizing for excluding and shunning these fine brothers
··· and sisters who dared to admonish them over the years.

They were begging forgiveness. Br. Lett even shed some tears, and I sighed:

"Thank God, at long last! This is after all a very good sign,
a sign of Christian maturity!"

Then, in my dream, the TeleVoting began. All congregations worldwide were connected with the colorful bar graph on the screen of JW Broadcasting.

It showed that the majority of the JWs were not convinced to see enough signs of genuine repentance and reversal.

Then the rules and proceedings of the book "Shepherd the flock of God" were applied to the members of the Governing Body ...

... then I woke up.

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