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YHWH in Hebrew letters

Today´s Misfortune ...
may be a Blessing in Disguise


oude manOnce upon a time there was a poor old man whose only possession was a beautiful white horse. For years, the people from his village had told him to sell his horse because it would bring him a heap of money and then he would not have to watch every penny.
But the old man refused.

'The horse is part of my family,
and you don´t sell your family,'
he used to answer.

One night the horse disappeared from its stable, and the people said:

'You see, old man, had you not been
so stupid and stubborn,
you would have sold the beast.
Now you have nothing left.
A greater misfortune could not have happened to you.'

But the old man said:

'Who knows whether it is fortunate or unfortunate?
The only thing I know is that the horse is gone.
But whether it be unfortunate…???
Who can see further than the nose is long?'

A few weeks later, one night the horse returned to the stable together with another twelve wild horses. Obviously, it had run away to seek for his kind but finally found its way back to its master.


The people from the village said:

'Old man, you were right.
It was not unfortunate at all
but even a blessing in disguise that the beast ran away,
for now you are a wealthy man.'

But the old man answered:

'Who knows whether it is fortunate or unfortunate?
The only thing I know is that the horse has come back
with another twelve horses.
But whether it be good fortune or misfortune …?'

In the following days and weeks, the old man´s son tried to tame the wild horses and fell from a wild stallion.
In his fall both his legs were smashed.

The people in the village said:

'Old man, it wasn´t lucky indeed that your horse
came back with the other horses.
You were right, for now your son is invalid,
and there´s hardly any greater misfortune for you to experience.'

The old man sighed:

'When will you stop pretending to know what tomorrow will be like?
The only thing I know is that my misfortune has befallen today, but more I do not know.'

A few months later, the country went to war, and all healthy young men of the village had to join the army. Not a single one returned to the village alive... The son slowly recovered from his fall and finally kept only a slight handicap. What do you think would the people of the village say to him when they met the old man in the village ...???

Slimme man met boekAnd the moral of that story...

How can you evaluate
what is good or bad?

... for yourself
or for others?


Pfeil nach oben