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The Girl and the Necklace

Deutsch English Nederlands Polski August 15, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a young girl, who along with a couple of siblings, grew up in a harmonious household. The family did not have much money, but had enough to eat and drink.

Mutter und TochterThe daughter always enjoyed going shopping with her mother. They both found this to be very appealing, and the girl never begged to have this or that. No, she helped her mother in purchasing their necessities, and she knew exactly which items were the cheapest, even though she could not read, write or do math.

They both enjoyed shopping and the mother could not resist to give her a hug now and then.

Occasionally, the mother would surprise her with ice cream.

One day they approached a toy store where she stood as if rooted in front of a shelf containing imitation jewelry. "Oh Mommy, look at the beautiful necklace hanging there. Mommy, can I have it?"

PlastikkettchenMommy knew that she had additional expenses this month and she would have to purchase the other children something as well, therefore it was not possible.

The girl was very disappointed. She was so in loved with this necklace and slowly tears welled up in her eyes.

"You know what?" said the mother, "You get an allowance. If you really save up your money, then you can buy it with your money."

Her eyes started to sparkle again and they went home in a happy mood.

She dealt frugally with her money and after counting it, she concluded that she still had to wait a couple of weeks. Each time that she went shopping, she would go and look if the necklace was still there. Just before she finally saved enough money, it appeared that the necklace had sold. Deeply saddened, they went home. Her mother tried to console her by saying, "If you continue to save, then most certainly new necklaces will come in and then you can buy one.

This she did, and the next time there definitely hung a similar necklace that she liked even more, so she bought it right-a-way.

The day was saved. Hopping along and dancing her way home she proudly showed it off.

MädchenThat evening, when Daddy arrived home, she jumped right into his lap and proudly showed him her pretty necklace. Daddy too was amazed and found it to be very pretty.

As time went by, the girl continued to enjoy her necklace and never took it off at night and always played with it. It was and always remained very dear and valuable to her.

One day, as she crawled onto her father's lap, upon his arrival home from work, she rattled on like a waterfall about all that she had experienced that day. Her father could see that the necklace material was peeling away and no longer looked so pretty. One evening, her father, in a serious tone of voice, asked her, "My dear girl, look at me." and posed a redundant question, "Do you love me?" "Yes, of course Daddy, you know I do." She then gave him a big hug. "Then give me your necklace." he said, while reaching out his opened hand.

The girl was in shock, she got quiet and had to swallow a couple of times. She never expected that her daddy would want from her, the most beautiful thing she possessed. Confused, she slid off of his lap and walked depressed to her bedroom.

The following week, she encountered a repeat of this scenario and once again went to her bedroom depressed. A third time her father questioned her, "My dear girl, do you really love me?" "Yes Daddy, very, very much, you know that." "Yes girl, and I love you very much too, really. You are a very sweet daughter!!! Give me your necklace."

The daughter was expecting that question. Daddy held out his hand. Saddened and with tears in her eyes, she took off the necklace. It slid into her hand, she held it for a moment in her closed hand and slowly opened her hand into her father's hand. The father placed his hand into his pocket, held his daughter close to him, and retrieved something from his pocket and said, "Open your hand." The girl sadly held open her hand and her father opened his hand and dropped a wonderful necklace of pure gold and beautiful rhinestones into her hand and in the center sparkled a small, but real diamond.

KettchenThe girl was so moved, she cried. "For me?" she said doubtfully. Something so beautiful she could never even imagine in her most confident dreams. A real gold necklace with pretty rhinestones and even with a magnificent sparkling diamond. She started to cry out of happiness, joy and excitement. Her father saved the money from the tips he earned, from others, for his artwork.

She cuddled up to her father, rolled onto his lap and was mesmerized by the sparkling necklace, which she allowed to slip through her fingers. Her father placed his arms around her and gave her a hug. "Oh Daddy, you are such a loving daddy. I never expected this Daddy, not even hoped for." "My dear girl, you are much more worthy to me than this necklace. I only want to show you with this necklace, how much I love you." She held the necklace in her hand for so long, and kept looking at the magnificent rhinestones and the sparkling diamond which glittered in the light. Thereafter she wore the necklace around her neck for the rest of her life.

Although it was a very expensive necklace, it wasn't the price that made it so precious for her, it was the showing of love and the effort of her loving parents, that added to its value.

Vader en dochterThis remained forever a special day for the daughter who forfeited, out of love, her most beloved and priceless possession for which she struggled to give to her father, unbeknownst to her, that her father had a much prettier gift than the one she was holding on to.

This is a nice and moving story, but there is a worthier comparison with deeper a meaning therein ...

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