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YHWH in Hebrew letters

people with 3D glassesFilm Tips for You


We wish to compile a number of interesting, informative films on the subject of faith / Bible for you:

— YouTube videos,
— DVD tips
— and even foreign-language clips we consider so valuable
that we have provided them with English subtitles.

Of course, we do not always agree with all the details in the particular film. The same applies to the other films the respective provider has in stock.

The same applies here:

"Try the quality of everything,
hold on to what is good!

(1 Thessalonians 5:21; Byington)

We wish you a lot of fun and good reception and productive thinking!


  Film "Apostate gives a talk in Kingdom Hall"

from Living Waters

YouTube-LogoLength 5:26 min.

"Imagine I got a knife in my back and I´m dying. What must I do to enter into God´s Kingdom? Please help me!!" The young Jehovah´s Witness´s answer reveals a lot about the spiritual food he is fed with. Solid food – or a shocking malnutrition?

JWs are in desperate need of God’s forgiveness along with a proper understanding of the grace of Yahuah God through Our Lord Yahusha-ha-Mashiach ("Jesus Christ"). So let´s kindly witness to the Witnesses as the interviewer Ray Comfort does it!

  Film "Apostate gives a talk in Kingdom Hall"

gives a Biblical talk in the Kingdom Hall

YouTube-LogoLength 20:30 min.

Brooklyn, April 23, 2017. On a Sunday morning the invited speaker enters the platform of the Kingdom hall of Jehovah´s Witnesses and gives a crystal clear biblical talk. Nothing unusual? After 15 minutes his microphone is turned off, and an elder asks him to leave the platform.

What happened?

The brother is disfellowshipped since 9 years.

When a person pointing to Jehovah´s anointed King Jesus Christ, using the Bible, gets silenced and removed like a tick –
what does this tell about those ones who consider him and the truths he speaks out as a FOREIGN body, an impurity that has to be removed?

How will our Lord and King Yahshua consider them?

  Film "Abtrünniger hält Vortrag im Königreichssaal"

+ Mission +
Damage Control

YouTube-LogoLength 15:51 min.

After an "apostate" speaker has given a talk in a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah´s Witnesses, an elder allows us a peek behind the scenes of a body of elders frantically struggling to do some damage control.

Though being fictional and entertaining, those cut-in-half dialogues reveal a lot about a group of men balancing between true Godly devotion and hierarchical obedience, between mechanical loyalty and warm benevolence ...

Gorgeous realistic satire on a serious background! :-)


Analysis of Jehovah´s Witnesses Convention Program 2017

YouTube-LogoLength 12:11 min.


Are JWs Christian? What do you need to keep in mind this year? What are the baptism questions 2017? This video examines the talks from a Christian perspective.