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"The Fourth Watch" is a small but growing website project. We would like to provide interesting and valuable components to support and intensify the deep Christian belief in our loving Almighty Father YHWH (Yahuah, Yahweh, Jehovah) and his Firstborn Son, our dear redeemer Yahusha (Jesus).

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Child sexual abuse among Jehovah´s Witnesses in the Netherlands

January 24, 20202020 misbruik Jehovah´s Getuigen

Two years ago, the Dutch Foundation "Reclaimed Voices" started a hotline for victims of sexual abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses in the Netherlands.

More than 750 reports came in. A big number for a country this small. Utrecht University investigated the results and presented a report. We translated a series of articles from Dutch News website about the situation, look at the main points of this report and the reactions of Dutch politicians.

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"I'm studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses. What should I watch out for?"

ZwillingeAn overview of the strong points, but also the weak points and hazards concerning Jehovah's Witnesses. We speak from our own experience and observation from 20 years within this brotherhood.

Of course, after careful consideration you will make your own decisions.

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Is there Life after Birth?

ZwillingeThe conversation of a set of twins in the womb of their mother:

"Say, do you actually believe in life after birth?"

"Yes, definitely! Inside we grow and are prepared for what will come outside."

"I believe that's nonsense! There can't be life after birth — what is that supposed to look like?"

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Who is Blind As the Servant of Jehovah?

A senior businessman with a blindfold on.The modern reader of the gospel accounts cannot help but be struck by how unenlightened the apostles seemed to be at times. With this we recognize a Biblical pattern repeating again and again since the Old Testament times ... Are the present times an exception?

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YouTube LogoNew Video:
"Apostate" brother gives brilliant Biblical talk in a Kingdom Hall, gets removed

YouTube Video

Brooklyn, April 23, 2017. On a Sunday morning the invited speaker enters the stage of the Kingdom hall of Jehovah´s Witnesses and gives a crystal clear biblical talk. Nothing unusual? After 15 minutes his mic...

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